The Deepening Wellness Circle

What's Included:

  • Insant access to our latest deep healing meditation so you can get started right away balancing your body, mind, spirit health
  • Invitations to our LIVE monthly healing. This is where the magic happens! When we come together to heal, there are huge shifts and transformations on all levels of health.
  • Weekly immune system and grounding-focused healings for the next 5 weeks (and beyond, if needed) to keep us strong during this time of pandemic. 
  • Intention and goal setting practices sent at the beginning of each month to help you tune into yourself and set a specific focus for your ongoing health.
  • Instant access to self-care and self-healing techniques so you can build a tool-kit to help you de-stress, listen to your body, and heal yourself.
  • Meditative practices based in Qi Gong to cultivate deep emotional and physical balance.
  • Access to our private Facebook group, to help you with any questions, or shares that come up, and to witness and support each other
  • Everything you need to create lasting change and balance in your life 

What Circle Members are saying:

"I had zero hesitations to sign up! Since joining the Circle, I’m experiencing a greater sense of overall balance and ease. It's exciting (and comforting) to know that we're going to have a session each month. I really love the Daily Practices. It puts the power of BodyTalk in my own hands."

~Kelly, Montana

"Since joining, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my emotional health. I'm less reactive to stress, more aware of my thoughts, emotions, and physical responses to triggers. I find it easier to stay calm and centered instead of freaking out over something.  

I feel more creative, productive, healthy, and empowered. Less anxious. My relationships have improved tremendously. I'm more organized and focused. " 

 ~Lauren Steinheimer Dunsmuir, California

"I’ve noticed a lower level of stress and an easier time slowing down. I enjoy having a sense of community, and look forward with hope. Amberlee has very astute intuitive skills and the tapping has had a big effect on reducing my pain. I recommend joining! Its amazing to get support while reducing emotional and physical pain."  

~Alice Arcata, Ca  

"Since joining the Circle, my ability to perceive and sense my body and where I’m holding tension has really increased. I have the tools available to create a change when I’m highly stressed.  

Having a defined time and space to devote to me has been a great practice in self care.  

I use the included self-care tools daily. My favorite part is the connection with the collective - to know you're not the only one going through something is lovely."  

~Eliza, Sydney, Australia


3 months of sessions and support for $333.  $199

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Take 3 days to check out all the info and resources. If you don't feel fully supported by the material, just let me know within 3 days of checkout for a full refund. 

See you inside!

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