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Take your wellbeing into your hands

Join the Deepening Wellness Circle:

Everything You Need for Body, Mind and Spirit Health and Transformation

  •  Let go of long-standing habits and patterns that keep you feeling stuck uncomfortable, stressed, or anxious
  • Deepen your connection with your body, and access your intuition
  •  Learn self-care tools and skills to recover from stress and overwhelm
  • Keep your immune system fine-tuned and strong
  • Harness the momentum to create permanent change in your life and health
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What would it be like to have...

... consistent and ongoing deep support

... the structure and resources to help you reach your health goals

... the momentum you need to finally and completley let go of the self-limiting beliefs and residue of stressful experiences that holds you back from being the best version of yourself in body, mind and spirit...

...This experience is designed to give you everything you need to create this lasting change in your life and wellbeing.

The Deepening Wellness Circle Includes:

  • Monthly live healing events that harness the power of our collective intention to do deep healing. This is where real transformative work happens! We meet live to dive into the areas inside that are suffering. We gently transform them from within. Our work is informed by our collective need in the moment, and the gentle changes in the environment dictated by the season.

  • These sessions are beautiful and powerul. I'm always in awe of what we transform when we come together to heal. I've been holding this Circle for years now, and I find that each session is more powerful than the last. 

  • Intention setting reminders with an energetic read on the month and affirmations to help remind you to regularly tune in with yourself, get clear on how you're doing, and set goals for your health and wellbeing.  

  • Bonus! weekly immune system and grounding-focused healings for the next month (and beyond, if needed) to keep us strong during this time of pandemic. Let's come to together to heal.

  • Resources for self-healing so you can take charge of your body mind and spirit health. You'll have these in your back pocket for when you get stressed and need instant support. You can also use them to cultivate simple practices that help you feel balanced on an ongoing basis, and practice them on your loved ones. 

These sessions are based in my background in energy modalities including BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Our work together combines aspects of ancient healing techniques (like Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda) with insights from modern science (such as neuroscience and epigenetics) to help your body heal itself. 

In these live events, we go through tapping, breathing and visualization sequences to help you release the impacts of stress so your body can be as vibrant, balanced, and healthy as possible  

The sessions are based on our collective needs in the moment. On a given day we might work with memories, stored emotions, physical alignment, the impact of old injuries, chakras, meridians...there are endless possibilities.  

We harness the connection between the body and mind to create overall balance so you can experience a greater sense of ease and comfort in your body.  

If you've ever been part of a group meditation, you know how powerful collective work can be. These group sessions take on a depth and dimention of their own. I'm always amazed at what we're able to do in our time together.  

To give you a better idea of what it's like, here's a reflection of current partipants' experience: 

"Since joining, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my emotional health. I'm less reactive to stress, more aware of my thoughts, emotions, and physical responses to triggers. I find it easier to stay calm and centered instead of freaking out over something.  

I feel more creative, productive, healthy, and empowered. Less anxious. My relationships have improved tremendously. I'm more organized and focused.  

Most days I go to bed and wake up feeling awesome. It's easier for me to not let another person's bad mood affect me.  

The healing sessions have helped me relieve a lot of physical tension, as well as emotional blocks I didn't even know were there. And it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one going through whatever it may be.  

I use the affirmations and tapping exercises to help me get centered when I'm feeling super stressed. This can totally flip my mood in like 5 minutes. It's amazing.  

I really enjoy the monthly sessions and I know the monthly commitment to healing is paying off big time. Thank you!!!"  

Lauren Steinheimer Dunsmuir, California  

lauren and puppy
kelly testimonial

"I had zero hesitations to sign up! Already a fan of BodyTalk, I jumped at the chance to join the Wellness Circle. Since joining the Circle, I’m experiencing a greater sense of overall balance and ease. It's exciting (and comforting) to know that we're going to have a session each month. I really love the Daily Practices. It puts the power of BodyTalk in my own hands.  

The Circle gives a nice shape to my healing and has incorporated balance into my daily life. I love the affirmations that go with each session, helping me energetically prepare.  

I use the Daily Practices daily.  

I absolutely recommend the Circle. It's a wonderful way to receive deep, intuitive healing in a way that works for your life and budget.  

I am so grateful to Amberlee for her energy and passion for healing!"  

Kelly, Montana

Join the Deepening Wellness Circle

This Circle was created to provide ongoing support for those who are ready to be the best version of themselves on all levels.

Wouldn’t it be great to...  

...tune in to your body when you experience pain or anxiety, and have clarity on what the root is plus have the tools to alleviate it...  

... instantly de-stress and wind down when you feel overwhelmed...  

...let go of old experiences and stuck patterns impacting your body and mind so you can feel lighter, stronger, and more joyful? 

The Deepening Wellness Circle gives you the tools and resources to tap into your own intuition and take charge of your wellbeing with the support to release blocks and imbalances so you can move forward without the weight of the past.  

True change happens when we commit to the process and commit to our healing. 

This opportunity gives you the tools and structure you need to let your true, embodied, balanced self shine through. 

I've also added bonus gifts to help you create transformative change and have the support you need to feel vibrant, strong, and deeply connected to yourself.  

What's Included?

Once you join you'll get:

  • Invitations to our LIVE monthly healing. This is where the magic happens! When we come together to heal, huge shifts and transformations take place on all levels of health.  
  • In these sessions, we release layers of miscommunication in the body that lead to discomfort on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This way, more of your true happy healthy self can shine through.  
  • Check out people's expressions of their experience above to get a sense of what these events are like. (value: $450)
  • SPECIAL ADDED BONUS! Weekly live Immune System Tune-ups! Let's keep ourselves strong by giving our immune systems extra support during this unprecedented time in our lives. (value: $600)
  • These are in addition to our scheduled monthly sessions.

  • Instant access to our most recent hour-long session. Follow along with the breathing, tapping and visualizations to immediately give yourself a whole mind-body-spirit tune-up (value: $150)
latest session
  • Intention and goal setting practices sent at the beginning of each month to help you tune into yourself and set a specific focus for your ongoing health. Includes affirmations to help you start preparing for the live session.  
  • This gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself regularly, so you can be aware of your needs and stay on track.
  • Get an energetic "read" on the month to come
  • Bonus 2: Instant lifetime access to self-care and self-healing techniques so you can build a tool-kit to help you de-stress, listen to your body, and heal yourself. You can also use these with your loved ones. (value $99)
daily practices
  • Bonus 3: Meditative practices to cultivate deep emotional and physical balance.  
  • These practices are based in medical Qi Gong to help you do energy healing on yourself and balance each emotion and specific aspects of your physical body. Lifetime access (value: $99).
  •  Access to our private Facebook group, to help you with any questions, or shares that come up, and to witness and support each other.
facebook group
  •  Happiness guarantee: Take 3 days to check out all the info, healing tools, and resources. If you don't feel fully supported and excited with the material, just let me know within 3 days of checkout for a full refund. 

A total value of over $1300 

Season Pass: $333. Special rate available until March 25th at midnight PST

Join today for over 40% off:

$199/ 3-Months

Join the Deepening Wellness Circle!

3 Months of Sessions and Support for $199

With 8 live healing sessions and additional tools and resources to give you everything you need to feel supported and strong over the next days, months, and beyond.


...How would your life change if you gifted yourself 3 months of consistent support for your health and wellbeing?

....How would you be different? 

....What would you let go of if you give yourself the time, space, and support? 

...What would you invite in?

Join now, and give yourself this gift of deep self-care. 

If you're....

... eager to create big shifts in your life and wellbeing

... excited to have the support of regular healing and community 

... ready learn potent self-healing practices you can add to your toolbox to use on yourself and your loved ones

This experience is designed for you. 

Even though we can do a lot on our own through mindfulness and self-healing, it's so helpful to have support to get through the tougher and more subconscious blocks.  

This Circle gives you both tools for self-healing and regular deep support so you can break through stuck patterns, step into a lighter way of being, and experience less pain, tension and stress.  

"I’ve noticed a lower level of stress and an easier time slowing down. I enjoy having a sense of community, and look forward with hope. Amberlee has very astute intuitive skills and the tapping has had a big effect on reducing my pain. I recommend joining! Its amazing to get support while reducing emotional and physical pain. "  

Alice Arcata, Ca  

"Since joining the Circle, my ability to perceive and sense my body and where I’m holding tension or where energy is flowing has really increased. I have the tools available to create a change when I’m highly stressed.  

Having a defined time and space to devote to me has been a great practice in self care.  

I use the included self-care tools daily. I balance my cortices (and my 2 children’s) each day and when I’m feeling particularly frazzled or disconnected I use the grounding technique until I feel the energy running and I notice I’m much more calm.  

My favorite part is the connection with the collective - to know you're not the only one going through something is lovely."  

Eliza, Sydney, Australia  

Join the Deepening Wellness Circle!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the "Daily Practices"?

The daily practices is an included bonus course that includes the foundational tools you need to be able to balance all aspects of your health.  

They include:  

  • balancing your brain so you can be deeply balanced on all levels
  • de-stressing in the moment so you can release overwhelm and improve focus and concentration
  • hydrating your cells so your entire body and mind can have more flow
  • balancing your microbiome so your immune system is healthy and your intestininal flora are balanced
  • aligning your spine so you can balance your nervous system and your musculoskeltal system
  • self-love practices so you can relieve stress and send yourself unconditional acceptance 
  • and more

How long are the live healings events?

Each one is about 40 minutes to an hour long.

What if I can’t make it live?

No problem! I record them and send them out within 48 hours. You are still 100% included in the healing, and you have lifetime access to each one you're part of. 

Since some participants are in different time zones (where it's the middle of the night when the session takes place), and others are at work during our scheduled time, many people rely only on the recordings. 

What’s the cancellation policy? 

This program is designed to give you longterm support. When you register, you sign up for a recurring seasonal pass. Your registration will automatically renew every three months. You can easily cancel at any time, if you decide your experience is complete. 

Please note there is also a happiness guarantee, so if you decide this is not the right fit for you, you can cancel within the first 3 days and receive a full refund. 

Can I invite friends to join?

Yes, you are welcome to invite anyone you think will benefit from and enjoy the experience. Just send them the link : )

Any other questions?

contact me and I'm happy to answer them. You can also reach me by replying to any of my emails. 

Amberlee’s intuitive connection has eased my mind and supported me in many ways. I learned more about my own body as Amberlee identified its emotional and physical holdings.

 I felt layer after layer of stuck energy release, soften, and ease up. In and after her sessions, I experienced relief and a new-found freedom in breath, movement, emotions, and thoughts. 

Whew! I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last year and come out feeling better than ever had I not had her sessions and their replays there with me.


BodyTalk is so relaxing, non-invasive and natural. 

 It helped me balance emotions and release past trauma and stagnant energy.

I would definitely recommend BodyTalk for its natural, non-invasive approach and because I experienced healing on deep levels. 

—Tedra Baymiller, reiki practitioner and crystal healing therapist

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